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Escape to Clark Island

Clark Island, 0.9 hectares in size, is located off the tip of Darling Point.


A wonderful view of Clark Island may be obtained from Elizabeth Bay House.


Clark Island gets its name from Lieutenant Ralph Clark, who cultivated the island as a vegetable garden. The vegetable garden proved unsuccessful as the vegetables were continually stolen.


Clark Island is now put to recreational use. It has pathways through natural bush and is dotted with quiet areas that are ideal for picnics and relaxation. The island is limited to up to 150 people at any one time. Reservations to visit the island are essential. The island can also be booked from private functions.

Information of Clark Island can be obtained from the Sydney Harbour National Park Information Centre, located in Cadmans Cottage at The Rocks or by phoning (02) 9253 0888 (international 61 2 9253 0888)..