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are invited for the sale of the domain name is for sale. The sale presents a rare opportunity for a corporation or entity to acquire what is potentially one of Australia's most important commercial domain names. Expressions of Interest are invited from parties interested in acquiring this strategically important domain name.

Online Prominence
The domain is the No.1 online reference point for Brisbane, Australia. They keyword "brisbane" is reflective of Australia's third largest city, which had a Gross Domestic Product in 2017-18 of $179.5 billion. This figure represented 9.4% of Australia's nation GDP fot that finacial period.

Huge Commercial Potential
The domain name has enormous commercial development potential and represents a unique opportunity for a national player to create a Brisbane-centric online hub selling retail products, financial services and other services. For a major international corporation there is the opportunity to create a major online gateway selling products into Brisbane and Australia. The domain name also lends itself to real estate sales, display homes and housing development. The domain name is a natural fit for tourism, tours and travel-related services.

With the domain name the default gateway to Australia's third largest city, Brisbane, the opportunities are both varied and manifold.


History and background of the domain name
The domain has been privately held by the one entity since it was first registered in 1993. The domain registrant is Brisbane Online Pty Ltd, which has a single shareholder and sole director.


Sale Expectations
A high sales price is anticipated due to the commercial importance and georgraphical significance of the domain name in relation to the city of Brisbane, Australia.

Closing Date for Expressions of Interest
The closing date for Expressions of Interest is 30th April, 2021.

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