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Queen Victoria Building

'The most beautiful shopping centre in the world'

The Queen Victoria Building has been described by Pierre Cardin as "the most beautiful shopping centre in the world".


This outstanding example of Byzantine architecture, which occupies an entire city block, was built in 1898 to replace the original Sydney Markets. Later, it accommodated a concert hall, which eventually became the city library.

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, NSW

Ground Floor : Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

The building was remodelled in the 1930s and used for different purposes, including municipal offices. In 1984 it was completely refurbished as a shopping centre, with more than 200 shops. The renovations, by the Malaysian company Ipoh Garden Berhad, were highly imaginative and thoughtful. Most important, they retained the turn-of-the-century charm of the building.


The building has a series of domes and domelets with exquisite stained glass windows and extensive wood panelling throughout.


Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, NSW

Hanging Clock : Queen Victoria Building, Sydney


There is a marvellous hanging clock that displays a series of mechanically moving tableaux of British kings and queens every hour on the hour. This "exhibition" is heralded by loud trumpeters and ends with the beheading of Charles I. Permanent and temporary exhibitions have a home at different points on each level and include replicas of the British crown jewels and a highly ornamental, full-scale oriental coach. The building accomodates a series of royal paintings.


The building is a major attraction for both visitors and residents and is open every day. Shops with Old-Worlde shopfronts are located on three levels and here you will find some of the most interesting shopping in Sydney, shops such as New Guinea Arts, which has a remarkable array of native artefacts from New Guinea.


Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, NSW

Second Floor : Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

If you are interested in Shopping while enjoying the old world charm of the surrounds, then you will also enjoy visiting The Strand.


Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, NSW

Stained Glass Windows : Queen Victoria Building, Sydney