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Harbour Cruises

3 pixel gap Cruise boats on Sydney Harbour

Cruise boats and ferries cut across each other's path as they go about their business on the harbour.                                                            Picture: ©Jiri Foltyn/123RF.COM

Nothing beats a cruise on Sydney's spectacular harbour


Sydney Harbour is commonly referred to as the most beautiful natural harbour in the world. Those who come to see it will understand why. The 240 kilometres of shoreline encompass approximately 54 square kilometres of water, which translates to an enormous area for exploration and discovery.


Although there are exclusive homes dotted around the water's edge, there are large tracts of parklands, reserves and gardens that balance the harbour environmentally. It is possible to walk around much of the harbour edge and picnic in many spots.


On a warm sunny day, the harbour is a vibrant blue and dotted with hundreds of sailing boats, cruise boats and ferries.


The best way of seeing the harbour is to take a ride on a cruise boat, and there are any number of different types of cruises. You have the choice of a simple daytime cruise, a coffee or lunch cruise, or a twilight or dinner cruise. You can go a a luxury cruise designed for a small group of people, a cruise under sail on a tall ship, or a degustation dinner cruise.


Cruises can range from a leisurely voyage around the harbour to an evening cabaret/dinner cruise with a four-piece band and dance floor.


Although govenment-run ferries cross the harbour frequently, they are not geared for The only drawback is that they follow specific routes and they quickly steam from point to point, which doesn't allo you much time to take in the sights. Also, they tend to move down the middle of the harbour, not necessarily close to some of the harbour's natural and man-made attractions, and you don't get a close viewing like you do on the cruise boats.


The whole idea of the cruise boats is to give visitors the best possible experience in seeing the harbour and its attractions. Unlike government-run ferries, which steam quickly along the shortest possible route between destinations, cruise boats operate at a leisurely paceand move in close to the shore and islands They frequently slow down, and even stop, to allow passengers to fully admire the beauty and splendour of the harbour.


The cruise boats also access many parts of the inner, outer and Middle harbours that ferries do not venture into and give guests close-up views of small coves and sandy beaches. They slowly drfit past the many multi-million dollar homes that line the shores of Sydney's harbourside suburbs.


Another way of seeing the harbour, and gaining some perspective on its size and beauty, is to walk across the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. From here, you will get an inspiring view of the harbour, the city skyline, the Opera House, The Rocks, Darling Harbour and North Sydney. The traffic passing underneath is also quite spectacular.

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Harbour pictures

3 pixel gap Sydney Harbour panorama

The CBD, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge viewed from one of many bays on the northern side of the harbour.

3 pixel gap Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour

Fort Denison, once an infamous penal site, then a military fortress, but now
a harbour tourist attraction and setting for a popular restaurant.

3 pixel gap Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House 3 pixel gap

An aerial shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House taken from over Kirrabilli.

3 pixel gap Sydney Harbour as seen from 
					Taronga Zoo

Sydney Harbour as seen from Taronga Zoo.

3 pixel gap Sydney Harbour

Above and below: Sydney Harbour vistas.

3 pixel gap Sydney Harbour

3 pixel gapAlmiralty House in Sydney

Admiralty House, which sits on the point at Kirribilli, is the official Sydney residence of the Governor-General of Australia.

3 pixel gap Sydney Harbour at sunset from Mosman Bay

Sydney Harbour at sunset from Mosman Bay.   Picture: ©Gordon Bell/123RF.COM

3 pixel gap Sydney Harbour vista

One of the many vantage points around the harbour.

3 pixel gap Sydney skyline

Walking parths on the southern side of Sydney Harbour provide glorious views of the Sydney CBD and Royal Botanic Gardens .