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Pet Friendly Accommodation, Sydney

Need to get away but can't bear leaving your best friend home alone? Not to mention finding someone to look after them, and then the long face they pull when you all pile into the car.

As the range of pet accommodation types varies, so do the particular facilities on offer. Some places accept pets inside while others only accept them outside. Always make contact well in advance to determine exactly what the specific arrangements are, and avoid disappointment.

With many more holiday properties now specifically catering to the pet friendly market it's much easier to find somewhere out of the weather for your pet to eat, sleep and be merry, including many places that advertise pets welcome inside. Not only is pet friendly accommodation a growing niche, but operators are realizing that people with pets want to be invited back, so they generally take good care of places they stay.

Along with a growing supply, is even faster growing demand, as more and more people realize they can take their pet with them, the cat, metaphorically speaking, is out of the bag. So if you do want to take your pet with you, get in quick and book well in advance.

Whilst a range of pet friendly holiday properties are available, it pays to contact the operator to check on the range of pets that they accept (is it just dogs or do they accept cats and horses too?), the facilities and shelter they offer. Will your pet be allowed indoors? What do you need to bring in the way of toys, bedding, litter disposal and meal dishes?

A quick conversation will determine whether the property is truly pet friendly or if they are simply pet tolerant and would really prefer your pet did not stay. Find out in advance if there are specific restrictions regarding pets in certain types of accommodation, areas of the property, or at certain times of the year.

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