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Backpacker Travel Insurance, Sydney

Whether you're exploring Australia or heading overseas, a policy for reliable backpacker travel insurance should be tucked in your rucksack.

We live in a world of 'you never knows', which in many ways is a strong part of the attraction. The thrill of experiencing the unexpected or visiting a destination that stops you in your tracks, whether physically or emotionally, is part of why people throw on packs and avoid the mainstream. If all experiences were positive ones, there would never be any need for travel insurance for backpackers, but ...

Because we're not in a perfect world, travel insurance is not an option - unless you're a Hilton. Go online to compare and find the best backpacker travel insurance rates. There are a couple of really good online Aussie companies offering cheap travel insurance for both domestic and international travel.

Backpacker Travel Insurance Australia

Sydney is the hub for some of Australia's most beautiful country and a major showcase for our cultural heritage. In Sydney enjoy world class performances at the Opera House or challenge your fear of heights on the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. Further afield experience the beauties of the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley and the Outback.

Backpackers visiting from overseas will need to have travel insurance cover. Though Australia does have reciprocal medical arrangements with a handful of countries, travellers are well advised to take travel insurance to cover the gaps and include medical and personal liability, lost or stolen cash, traveller's cheques or credit cards, personal possessions and luggage.

Backpacker Travel Insurance Overseas

For travel overseas, backpacker's travel insurance needs to be economical but must include uncapped, (also called unlimited) overseas emergency medical assistance and cover for unlimited overseas medical and hospital cover.

Sometimes this can come with an excess - which is the amount you pay before the cover clicks in. The excess can be around $100, which is better than the $60,000 your expenses could potentially come to, however some companies do offer an excess waiver for a small additional fee.

Other aspects worth insuring include traveller's cheques and documents plus credit cards, luggage and personal effects, whether lost or stolen, and Personal Liability. Don't neglect the Personal Liability component in your backpacker travel insurance as it only takes an accidental trip to knock into and injure someone or break something - it can be that simple and it could cost you thousands.

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